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It is said that in some carefully hidden mystical workshop, a fluffy-bearded little wizard cooks up his "Enchanted Brew" -- a wondrous concoction that tastes better than anything you could ever imagine!!! Little is known of this wizard or his Brew, for he will disappear into a wisp of smoke whenever anyone happens upon his lair, leaving no trace but a marvelous aroma that will haunt your dreams for years to come...

Whether or not the above is true (it probably isn't, but you never know!), at Enchanted Brew Flavored Coffee we've got our own mystical workshop in New Jersey, where we've been able to replicate our little wizard's mouthwatering creations... and we're sure that you'll love them!

We're a team of coffee lovers who got tired of run-of-the-mill coffee and decided to experiment with some more adventurous flavorings. And we found that there is really something for everyone!

Enchanted Brew Flavored Coffee is truly a magical coffee experience. We start with only the best coffee beans -- Arabica Specialty Grade, the highest-quality standard for coffee (yes, even BETTER than "Premium Grade"). Then we work with our suppliers to find the ideally flavored ingredients, creating a broad selection of delectably tasteful and aromatic artisanal flavored coffees. To maximize freshness and maintain an amazing taste and aroma, we don't grind the beans until after we receive your order, so you'll be teleported off into a realm of coffee magic as soon as you open your bag of Enchanted Brew!


Whether you're a lover of chocolate, fruit, nuts, or just anything sweet or savory, we've got a perfect coffee flavor to meet your taste palate!

Best of all, all of our coffees contain no added sugars or sweeteners -- where else can you get a mugful of your favorite flavor with no fat, no cholesterol, and under 5 calories?!


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